Smart and social Q&A for your world!

Shapado is a questions and answers site for your enterprise or community, your “knowledge base on the cloud”. It makes sure questions never get asked twice by making the information flow.

Thanks to a powerful search engine, the ability to answer by email and edit each other answers to improve them as wiki, Shapado will make information available accross the company with no fuss.

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Public or private

Make your site either public or private so that only you and users can ask and answer questions.

Answer by mail

You can use Shapado without leaving your favorite mail client, just subscribe to people or tag and you will receive your question by mail so you can just answer from there

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Don't like an answer? Edit it and correct it. Not sure your answer is the best? Mark it as wiki so others can improve it too. You can also upvote and downvote answers to highlight relevant answers so they appear on top of threads.

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You can easily change the color set of shapado and upload your own with just a few clicks, no coding needed. If you know a bit of web programming, you can also modify the whole CSS, html and also add your own Javascript plugins. Shapado also comes with a set of widgets to add more information on the sidebar such as top contributers, related questions and more.

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Shapado allows you to add your own ads so you can start making money with your site and enjoy passive revenue from your site.

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Shapado is optimized for SEO using among other things Google's markup and a mobile version of the site. We also compress and cache all our assets to make the site fast.

Build a community

Shapado offers you the possibility to build a passionate, engaged and diverse community thanks to all our social features such as upvoting, reputation points, badges and translation features.

Offer great content

As your community will grow, so will the content of your site. Thanks to our wiki built-in features, your content will not only grow in quantity but also in quality.

Social and you

It all comes down the community of humans, and this is you. Shapado allows you to follow specific people and tags so you only see questions and answers on people and topics that actually interest you. All the upvotes and badges you will receive and give with time will make you feel the love of being part of a passionate and knowledge hungry community. Have fun!

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