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Create an account that just has a username and password

Asked by [ Editor ]

Is it possible to create an account that just has a username and password and does not require OpendID?

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krawek [ Admin ]

yes it is possible:

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Great, thanks for that. This must be a new feature? I did not notice this yesterday. When will this option be provided to other Shapado groups?


I just found the setting under “Admin > General > Access Settings” that allows me to specify whether new users can sign up using only OpendID or OpendID + a traditional username/password. Not sure if this is new or I just missed it previously.

you missed it previously. we are not deploying new features until shapado4 ;)

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rowan [ Editor ]

If you want to allow new users to sign up with a traditional username and password then go to “Admin > General > Access Settings” and uncheck the “Only people using OpenID can access the site” option.

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