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How to install Shapado locally on a Windows PC

Asked by [ Editor ] , Edited by Simon Probert [ Editor ]

The simple answer to this is that you cant!*

After messing around for some time trying to get the thing to work, it turns out you need certain dependencies that only work in Linux. So first I downloaded VMware Player and the Ubuntu Iso and tried it that way – which was fine, it worked but running in a virtual machine on top of my vista was mildly annoying so I bit the bullet and setup my laptop as a dual-boot machine.

I’m glad I’ve done it because Ubuntu runs faster than a greased leopard riding on a bolt of lightning after a heavy amphetamine session… and of course I can now get Shapado to work :)

Enjoy. SP

*I would note that it may be possible in the future, just not right now

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What are the dependencies?


They are ruby-stemmer and rdiscount neither of which currently have windows compatible gem installs… This may of course change

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