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So... who has been able to make sense of that README file?

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Many people have asked how to install SHAPADO but the only help that is ever given is, “read the readme”.

You know what? The readme is absolutely useless. Where am I supposed to be typing in those unix commands? I’m trying to install it on my webhost through FTP, not on my own computer.

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spacecowboy [ Editor ]

Hi Unknown,

I too am going through the same “how do i install Shapado” learning curve – I’m a .net guy so Rails is a completely foreign language to me. However to get started you need to do the following:

  1. Open an SSH session to your server ( sometimes called console ) You need to download a program called putty
  2. Access your server through this and type in the commands, depending on your flavour of linux you may have to type different things but on debian you type things like

apt-get install ruby

This will automatically get the Ruby package from the package repository and install it on your server.

  1. I’m kinda new to Linux myself, but it’s not like say PHP or something – you need to “rake something” or initialize the program, when the program is running the site is working

  2. I will report back when I figured out more

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Finally! Thank you for your helping me start, you’ve been a great help. I figured it was something to do with SSH but my knowledge doesn’t extend that far. Looking forward to your followup. I’ll see what I can post too.

PHP is so much simpler.


You will probably end up uninstalling, updating and upgrading packages and discovering you have done it all in the worng order – but that’s ok . When I’m in SSH I tend to go in as root, but that’s highly inadvisable as you can really stuff up your server that way – apparently the best thing to do is set up a user account and do all your work within that… but I’m not 100% sure how to do that without a bit of googling. Enjoy the journey :)

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